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Sharing Hope in Trying Times

Refugees in Jordan


Families Adopting Families


Celebrating a Growing Herd

Goat Loan Program, Jordan


Our team visited Maliha and we spent such quality time with her.  She was very encouraged by our visit to her simple home. The houses in her village are not fancy and they are not big. They are made of cement, and usually they are just one or two rooms. They do not use couches but instead they use mattresses to sit on. That’s the Bedouin style.


Celebrating 22 Graduates!

Refugees in Lebanon


What a big joy to see 22 ladies from the Syrian refugee's camp graduating, after having attended with perseverance for one year. They walked every Wednesday for about one hour in different weather conditions, including the hot summer and the stormy winter, week after week, to be part of one of the many development programs that GHNI does.  

Art is Good for the Soul

Vocational Training Program, Jordan


We started a new project with the ladies in the House of Ruth. When they come, they learn how to make mosaic tiles. They meet twice a week and put what they have learned into practice and create a final product.


Training Host Families

Goat Loan Program, Jordan


Maliha, in Mufradat Village, has six pregnant goats and they will give birth within a month and a half. In Al-Khalidea Village, Um Ahmad has two pregnant goats that will give birth to new kids within two weeks. She also has three new kids who were recently born.


Enjoying Each Other’s Company

Refugees in Jordan


Syrian Refugees in Jordan


This month we invited 45 Syrian families and shared struggles and hope with one another. We were able to meet their immediate needs and also provide psychological support and encouragement. We reminded them that their refugee status does not define them. They are valued, accepted and loved just for who they are.


Midnight Call for Help

Refugee Families in Lebanon


We were glad to have three teams who came from the United States and Canada. Among them were doctors and head nurses who treated Syrian refugee families living in the refugee camps.


Continued Success

Vocational Training Program, Jordan


The Vocational Training Program benefited many families this quarter. It helped restore dignity and helped villagers carry on with their lives, whether they be students or family members needing work. This program has brought a solution to many tight situations.



GHNI Assistant Regional Field Leader


Preparing for Winter

Goat Loan Program, Jordan


In Um Battma Village, we had a new baby goat this month. There are also several pregnant goats waiting to deliver their kids. The hosting family was preparing for the winter season as it gets very cold in the north. They were thinking of suitable ways to protect the goats from the cold and prepare for the season. As part of this preparation process, the hosting family gave the goats needed vaccinations so that they won’t get sick and lose them.

New Beginnings and Challenges

House of Ruth, Jordan


Wow, the year is done, and we are about to start a brand-new year. There has been so much achieved this year and we are ever thankful for all that has been accomplished. We are grateful for everyone who has been touched by the program and all who have joined us on this journey. What a blessing it has been!


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