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Joyful Over Bare Necessities

Refugees in Lebanon

Last month, GHNI had the privilege of decreasing the suffering in one of thousands of camps in Lebanon. We helped them by providing a pump to empty flooded sewage wells to prevent the release of smelly air, toxins and diseases.

Healing Wounds and Teaching Minds

House of Ruth, Jordan


This month, 160 patients attended the House of Ruth clinic. This included children, teenagers, adults and elderly villagers. Our doctor treated all the patients and gave medical advice as usual. The clinic also continues to provide the villagers with the majority of their medication needs.

Education in the Clinic and Classroom

House of Ruth, Jordan


Sewing Class


We started a new course with a new group. We have five Syrian women and the class is three hours per day. One of the women, Abeer, is from the city of Dara’a in Syria. She is married and has three girls and one boy.


Churning for Income

Goat Loan Program, Jordan


We have a significant development in the village of Al- Khalidiya! Um Ahmed has used the milk that she got from the goats and she bought a machine to help her produce cheese, milk, and butter. Now she takes her productions and sells to her neighbors, giving her a source of income for her and her family. She is very proud and thankful for this project.


GHNI Assistant Regional Field Leader


Working to Minimize Social Issues

Refugee Families in Lebanon


More than three million Syrian refugees fled to Lebanon seeking shelter from the raging war in Syria. Due to the high number of refugees, neither the UN nor the numerous NGOs were able to meet the great need. The need is even greater when the families are made up of a husband, wife, and children numbering from six to ten. When they are made up of a husband and more than one wife, the number of children is usually from 11 to 22.


New Beginnings and Challenges

House of Ruth, Jordan


Our programs in the house are mostly on hold this month as we are doing maintenance work inside and outside of the center to prepare for the summer. We are fixing some areas around the center and expanding the space to have a children’s play area for activities, games, and sports.


Developing New Skills to Overcome Challenges

Refugees in Jordan


Families Adopting Families


Building Bonds of Friendship

Vocational Training Program, Jordan


The food project is ongoing, and its results are great! The families are happy to cook and host our guests, introducing them to their culture and country dishes. In addition, they are earning some income which helps them. Likewise, our guests, volunteers, and friends are enjoying the yummy food and new experiences with our refugee families.


Heaters Just in Time!

Refugees in Lebanon


Lebanon enjoys four seasons with autumn, spring, summer, and winter.  The Bekaa Valley is situated between the eastern and western Lebanese mountains. This winter, snow covered our mountains and the weather was very cold. Our valley became like a river flowing from the melting snow on the mountains surrounding the valley.