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Preparing for Winter

Goat Loan Program, Jordan


In Um Battma Village, we had a new baby goat this month. There are also several pregnant goats waiting to deliver their kids. The hosting family was preparing for the winter season as it gets very cold in the north. They were thinking of suitable ways to protect the goats from the cold and prepare for the season. As part of this preparation process, the hosting family gave the goats needed vaccinations so that they won’t get sick and lose them.

New Beginnings and Challenges

House of Ruth, Jordan


Wow, the year is done, and we are about to start a brand-new year. There has been so much achieved this year and we are ever thankful for all that has been accomplished. We are grateful for everyone who has been touched by the program and all who have joined us on this journey. What a blessing it has been!


English Class Update


Overcoming Fear and Abandonment

Refugees in Jordan

Families Adopting Families


“I Felt Recognized and Useful. . .”

Refugees in Lebanon


GHNI Lebanon Is honored to celebrate and rejoice with the Syrian refugee lady participants who graduated from one of many programs that GHNI offers for development.

Celebrating New Births

Goat Loan Program, Jordan


This month we celebrated the hosting families in Mufaradat Village who have eight new kids, four of which were twins. Winter is colder in the north than it is in the capital because it is desert all around. The hosting family is getting ready to protect the goats because they hope to increase their numbers. They are thinking of better ways to achieve that, like putting up a big umbrella to protect the goats from the rain.


Sharing Gifts and Abilities

Vocational Training Program, Jordan


This month we are excited to announce that we have extended the sewing program for our recent graduates! We have given each lady a sewing machine so she can apply what she has learned from the course and previous training. The extension will help the ladies improve their skills and put what they have learned into practice. This will open new doors of work for them which will help them generate some income. Practice makes perfect!

The Joy of Learning

House of Ruth, Jordan


Children’s Program

The month was such a blessed month. We had many visitors who helped our Ma’ain team by interacting with the patients, ladies and children. They also encouraged the patients on their progress. We all played with the children, did face painting, gave out toys and distributed clothes. What a good time!


Refugees Celebrate Peace & Joy

Refugees in Lebanon


Last month, our clinic served 265 patients. We visited 28 tents and conducted check-ups for 105 patients. We gave them food boxes and provided meals upon the refugees' request. Most of them hadn’t eaten meat from the day they arrived.