Milking the Goat Business

Didi Hara Village, Ethiopia


Twelve women members of the Income Generation Group are engaged in Transformational Community Development (TCD). Each woman received three goats one and a half years ago, and now most of these goats have multiplied and the beneficiaries’ incomes are growing. The income generation group members are also engaged in selling goat milk. They collect milk from the villagers and take it to town to earn more income.



TCD Update


Water -- The Water Committee and TCD workers are working together to help the community and giving training on how to purify drinking and cooking water. More than 23 villagers attended the training.


Food – The Agriculture Group continues producing different vegetables. After two weeks, they plan to collect the harvest. They will expect more than 25,000 birr (about $900) from the sale. This will improve their income and bank deposits as well.


Income Generation – Twelve women were trained a few months ago on how to do small business. Now, most of them are doing very good activities and have become profitable.


Education – School attendance increased in this village. A few months ago, the Education Committee went door-to-door to discuss with families the importance of education. Most of the villagers agreed with the discussion points and agreed to send their children to school.


Wellness – Hygiene awareness has been increased among villagers as toilets are being introduced into their compound. Because of this, eleven households have constructed their own toilet in their compound. Others are now motivated and will plan to construct the same in their compounds.


Thank You!


GHNI National Field Leader