Mindset Change Transforms Village

Polewali, Indonesia


According to local residents, the Polewali Transformational Community Development (TCD) villages have historically been disjointed communities, full of division and infighting. This reality combined with the level of poverty makes it a place from which villagers typically want to escape. Wahyuni is one such person. In her late teens, she got out as quickly as she could to find work on a different island. Now at the age of 29, she has returned with her husband and two young children to a community which, according to her, is not the same place that she had left.


Wahyuni saw villagers working together and discussing how to utilise local resources to better their lives, not only in the Transformational Community Development (TCD) meetings, but also in daily conversation. This prompted her to join the TCD meetings and see what it was all about. After participating in TCD lessons with the GHNI training team and the village Committee, Wahyuni decided to join the 5th cluster of households that combined their resources and energy to bring Water into their homes. She and her family are now enjoying community life in a way that she never thought possible.


Mindset change is not an easy process, but stories like this are encouraging in that they make us believe that the TCD approach is worth the effort.


Thank you,


GHNI Partner TCD Workers