Mobilizing for Transformation

Shambani Village, Kenya

It is with a great success that our village-coaching efforts have borne fruit. We’ve recently worked in conjunction with an NGO, since we had a common purpose of changing and transforming lives for the better.

This partnership happened after energetic young men and women started engaging in indecent lifestyles that alarmed the villages, and the county as a whole. Some engaged in secret commercial sex trade, while others were involved in cattle rustling. So we mobilized and sensitized the community, and our partner NGO offered its courses in skill training.

After accomplishing their respective courses, the students were offered the necessities to start life afresh. All the necessary machineries and soft loans were given to them. So now we expect to see much transformation, both for them and the community.

Joseph is one of the beneficiaries who was willing to not only be transformed, but to also serve as an example in the community, bringing more like him to a self-sustaining and rewarding life.