A Model of Success

Bulesa Dima Village, Kenya

Madam Chulki is outstanding with her hard work and success. We gave Madam Chulki a small start-up loan as part of the entrepreneur group in Bulesa Dima Village. As we’ve assisted in her progress and success in her business, it has motivated us to a see great transformation in lives of many like her. We share business ideas and success stories, and Mama Chulki’s story is one of them.

Micro Entrepreneur training is one of the tools of community transformation we use in Bulesa Dima. Out of that training, the lives of many hopeless and helpless people have gained lasting fruit. GHNI gave some small money to some income groups in Bulesa Dima a year ago, and the women have shown tremendous progress in their businesses.

Madame Chulki is one of the beneficiaries among many women, and she loves to share her success story. She is a real model for many women, as she does her business of selling perfumes and other small household goods, going from house to house in her daily activities. Madame Chulki is a mother of seven children, some in high school, and her daily income now caters for all their basic needs, especially as her husband doesn’t currently have a secure job.

After GHNI came to Bulesa Dima and boosted her with a soft loan, Madame Chulki grew her business. She now generates a profit of 300 KES to 500 KES per day (about $3 to $5), four to six times the local average! She uses that income to provide for her family’s needs.

Madame Chulki is so grateful to all of you partners for the hand of help and hope!

Wubshet & Habiba

GHNI National Field Leaders, Kenya