Model Village Attracts Much Interest

CP Village*, Nepal


This is a quarterly report for the month of October – December 2020. Transformational Community Development (TCD) work is being very effectively done at this time in CP Village. We are training the CP Village leaders and other cluster village leaders, teaching them important TCD lessons. The TCD Village Committees are also working very well and are applying the lessons of TCD. The CP Village Community is involved in TCD classes and practise the TCD lessons in their lives as well.

This quarter, I taught about the kitchen garden, goat keeping, agriculture, income generation, raising local chickens, bee keeping, and buffalo raising. I have helped children go to school and helped them do their homework by gathering them in one place.

We are encouraging and teaching people how to face their problems and gain victory over them by doing TCD activities. Now, many people in the village are highly engaged in goat keeping. Before, most people used to just stay at home. They were jobless but now they are busy with their work. Some people are involved in micro-businesses:  shops, food stores, meat shops, mushroom farming, vegetable farming, etc. This shows that our village is a highly transformed, self-sustaining Model Village through practising TCD.

Also this quarter, we were not limited to CP Village but expanded to other cluster villages and community groups. This month, I met many leaders of neighbouring villages and talked with them about TCD. Not only in CP Village but also in another village, people applied the TCD lessons. They are learning from the model of our village and the community.

I want to expand TCD to many other villages around CP Village. And for the women of the village, I would like to start sewing training. They are ready for skill training and are committed to becoming self-sustainable. Because of our teaching, people want to do agriculture commercially, but because of lack of  irrigation they are unable to do it.


TCD Update

  • Water – Awareness teaching about the use of safe drinking, cooking, and cleaning water. The village people are careful about the use of water. 
  • Food – TCD has taught the village people to use healthy, fresh, and balanced foods for a healthier life. We have taught people not to eat junk food, and instead to produce and eat fresh and nutritional food. 
  • Income Generation – People are highly involved in Income Generation and slowly the community income sources have been raised up.
  • Education – In Education programmes, most of the important TCD lessons have been taught to the whole community.  Sometimes we organise training in the community.
  • Wellness – People are careful about their health. Many people stopped relieving themselves in the open.


Thank you!



*For purposes of security, “CP Village” is a pseudonym for the village being helped by this project.