Moiled, Toiled, and Paid

Shambani Village, Kenya

“Knowledge is power,” said Mr. Eruman as he recalled an agricultural training promoted by the GHNI office. “All was not for nothing, and so all is not in vain,” with the rain gone and a small amount of water in the pan. As they were coached in their training, they utilized the minimal amount of water for high yields. This was necessary for them, having volunteered as willing farmers in arid land where rivers are seasonal and only flow during rain and dry up afterwards. The good thing is that the land was tested and found to be richly fertile, so the only thing missing was water, on which they were coached how to use in small amounts.


Though many had given up with their labor, predicting losses and waste of efforts and time, Mr. Eruman, and a few whose hopes never faded, gave all they had. In accordance with their three-day coaching, using all techniques taught to them without giving up, they stand today with every reason to smile. The community and other neighboring villages may learn from them.


The group thanked our GHNI team for the trip they had taken them to teach new ways of farming, impacting them with knowledge and skills, and for the seedlings they provided without being discouraged by the insufficient water source. They said they almost lost hope but had nothing else to hold to. Nevertheless, this has become a well-learned lesson that they should never give up.