A Month of Giving and Receiving

Nallathanniya Village, Sri Lanka


*Due to the delay in receiving reports from the field, this report is about activity in the winter.


All children of Nallathanniya Village had happy, smiling faces knowing that December is a month of giving gifts as customary for Christmas. They were so excited to know what the gifts were and kept silent until they received their gifts. The children hurriedly opened to see the gifts they received.


This year, each gift contained books for writing, a pencil, a pen, eraser, and stickers with a times table so important for their schooling. They will not miss schooling due to the lack of school books. Most of all, they loved the stickers. They were so happy with the gifts, they started comparing the stickers for which ones were most attractive to the children.


The children were given cakes, biscuits, sweets, and ice cream. It was so funny to see some of the children hiding their ice cream as they ate it. Some were not sure if they should eat the ice cream cone. We were happy to give them the experience of what real ice cream looks and taste like, and how the cone is filled with ice cream.  All the children enjoyed the ice cream. As there was still ice cream remaining, the parents also got to enjoy some.


Once again, the children did not fail to thank GHNI for the English class and also thanked the donors who helped to purchase the gifts for them. The day ended with children going home with happy faces with their gifts.


GHNI National Field Leader