More Profitable for His Family

Jatapara Village, India

This time I would like to share a story about a man named Hemant, a 38-year-old farmer. He works hard to run his family. He has been watching and getting ideas from what we have been sharing. Sometimes Hemant talks to us about ideas for other sources of income through farming. Though he works hard, whatever he grows is just enough to run his family. He wanted to do something extra to extend his living standard. I had given him some ideas about kitchen gardening and growing some seasonal things. That way, he could get vegetables from his own garden. Hemant could have healthy food, save money, and if there is extra, he could even sell it.

This time when I visited Hemant, I saw he has already built a kitchen garden surrounded with bamboo. He has grown bananas and now is preparing to grow brinjal (eggplant), potatoes, tomatoes, and ladyfingers. Besides these, in an open area beside his home he has grown mustard. He said, “I had been thinking of growing these kinds of things, but I was afraid if I did not succeed, then I’d lose all my capital. But you encouraged me a lot to do this, and I’m thankful that it is growing.”


Thank you, GHNI, for giving me the opportunity to help villagers like Hemant, who have desire but are lacking courage to move forward.