More Relief Needed for IDPs and Villagers

Myat Hlae – Rakhine State, Myanmar


The Transformational Community Development (TCD) villagers are handling the results of the current armed clashes. It is so sad to hear how the villagers and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Myat Hlae village are struggling due to the current conflict in the area since the beginning of this year. It has been reported that more than 250 IDPs have taken refuge in our TCD village. The IDPs are from more than twelve different Mro villages in Rakhine State. They had to leave their property and fled immediately for survival as a result of the long lasting fighting in their area. It is also known that only two Mro villages are left up in the hills, and they are in severe trouble.


In this quarter, I visited the village knowing their suffering and discouragement. The purpose of my visit was to observe their current situation, maintain our friendship and to encourage them. In our conversation with the village leaders, I came to better understand that the villagers’ suffering has been forgotten while all humanitarian aid goes to the IDPs in the community.


As I have mentioned before in my trip report, the villagers are prohibited from going to the forest for their field work, as there is concern about stepping on mines. There is also a high risk of getting killed by either armed groups at anytime. So, they have been relying on their remaining food since the conflict started. Now some families have run out of food and have started worrying more about how they will survive the rest of the year. As a side effect of the conflict, the selling price of their livestock is less.


However, we are so proud of  the TCD committees and leaders of Myat Hlae for the great work they have been doing to help their fellow brothers and sisters who came to take refuge in the village. When the  IDPs first arrived, the leaders set up a committee to take care of all their needs. They gave them space to build their temporary shelters, fed them, shared their clothes and let them use all the resources the community possessed. Moreover, the committee has been doing a great job in managing all the relief that has come from different organisations and donors.


For this coming quarter, we would like to plead for more relief for both IDPs and the villagers of Myat Hlae. We need technical support for the leaders to handle this chaos and equip them for the coming challenges.


Thank you!