More Than a Sewing Centre

Murtoch-Talon Cluster Village, Tajikistan


Recently, we celebrated Women’s Month in Tajikistan. In honour of this, we highlighted the success of women of the community.


We recently opened a Sewing Centre through Transformational Community Development (TCD) for women, providing them with business opportunities. Initially, we only wanted to help Tajik women who were very poor but we have also been able to provide work for Afghan refugees. Most lost their husbands, and many of these women lost all hope in their lives. We wanted to help them find a way to make a living and give them hope through this Sewing Centre.


Here, they are making products to be sold and earning money for their families. We provide work for about 50 women from 3 villages. We have also begun Russian language and Health classes, as many women don't have education and don't have an opportunity to study at school.


Over the next three months, we want to build on our success, using local resources and community members to transform villages in a holistic way. We can do this by supporting like-minded friends who have found success and teach them how to use their own resources to not only develop themselves but also help others in their various villages. We want to help them become respectable men and women in their villages so they can have great influence.  


Thank you!



GHNI Partner Volunteer