Motivated by Gratitude

The war is awful, but HOPE is more powerful and joyful and helps to overcome all the sorrows and suffering.

Families are living in tents made of wood, nylon, and cartons. Life is very hard in these uncomfortable conditions, very hot in summer and cold in winter. After eight years of war, nothing has changed.


Children are the greatest victims of this miserable war. They are paying the price with their lives and their future. There are no schools for most of them. Our part is to bring them hope and light despite the darkness and suffering. They dream of a better future; they strive for a better life. Let's make a difference in their lives. Let's provide them with better education. Let's put a tool in their hand to change their living conditions. Let's give them the chance to make up for all these lost years.


Through educating them, they will have the ability to communicate better, analyze and develop their skills, find their passion, and express their emotions.

Two lovely girls decided to draw and express their love and gratitude towards our efforts. This fills our hearts with more love and motivation to continue our efforts and increase our support. We can only achieve this by your continuous and generous support.


Thank you!

GHNI Representative