Motobikes on the Go!


Koubah Bingo Village, Burkina Faso



Mainasara and Fatima have returned after several weeks of being away from Koubah, Bingo to participate in an organizational retreat in Nigeria. They are settling back in to begin the activities lined up for the year. Before they could fully settle in, Mainasara had to embark on another trip to Niamey, Niger Republic. His task is to facilitate the release of four brand new motorbikes purchased several months ago that were being held by customs officials. This was due to a form was erroneously completed by our TCD partner in Niamey, Niger Republic when the motorbikes arrived in Niamey from Nigeria, en route to Burkina Faso.


The motorbikes are very crucial to the Transformational Community Development (TCD) expansion work proposed for the current year in Burkina Faso. Two new villages, of Songhai and Soninke people tribes respectively, are the next port of call for TCD. Two of the motorbikes were purchased for and meant to be delivered to our two new TCD workers resident at Fada N’ Gourma, in order to not only ease their movement around the villages of the Songhais and Soninkes as they open TCD, but to make entry into the villages possible at all. The third motorbike is meant for Bandaogo, who has come on board to serve alongside Fatima and Mainasara as a TCD worker in Burkina Faso. The fourth motorbike is for Fatima who also needs mobility for her work.  


For several of the locations where TCD work is either ongoing or being proposed, there is no means of commercial transportation in and around the villages. So, getting motorbikes for the workers is crucial to the success of the work. This, in turn, makes it crucial that Mainasara suspends work in Koubah Bingo temporarily, travel to Niamey, Niger Republic in order to secure the release of the motorcycles, and bring them back with him to Burkina Faso.


GHNI National Field Leader