Mounting Tensions on the Island

Tanakeke-Batu Ampara Village & Cambaloe Village, Indonesia

GHNI is helping to start a shrimp cooperative in Batu Ampara Village, which will be run by community members who have participated in the Vannamei shrimp breeding program. The purpose of the shrimp cooperative will be to help members by training them in procedures, facilitating micro loans to buy necessary supplies, and aiding them in negotiating better prices when the shrimp are sold.

However, in the middle of a meeting to explain the formation of the co-op, a dangerous situation arose on the island. A resident of Cambaloe Village was attacked by individuals from another village on the island due to a dispute over land. Several people were injured, which led to an even more hostile situation with individuals wanting to retaliate. The village leaders from Batu Ampara and Cambaloe suggested that GHNI staff leave immediately, out of safety concerns. All activity temporarily halted until tensions on the island diffused. Our GHNI staff hope to be able to return and resume activity soon.

Thank you for standing with GHNI in helping to offer the Tanakeke villagers an opportunity to grow a new industry and maintain their clean water tanks. We are committed to continue offering them peace and hope!


GHNI Project Manager, Indonesia