Mourning to Transforming

Losing a loved one is always hard but a community walking alongside those in mourning encapsulates the pain with hope. This very thing is happening in the life of Mrs. Ekuraye through Transformational Community Development in her village according to our team in Kenya.

Attir Village, Kenya

“Mr. Ekuraye (Eh-COO-ray) had been sick for the last two years with no medical attention. They are a very poor family who cannot afford even one meal a day. His wife goes from house to house begging for food from any ‘Good Samaritan’ to have mercy on them by sharing what they have.

“In our process of visiting different homes and interacting with the community we come across this family who is desperate and destitute. We were in a dilemma on how to bring hope to this family who is living from hand to mouth.

“The old man was already dying, but our wellness staff took the trouble to attend to him. Then they took him to the Isiolo general hospital, and he died after one week while undergoing treatment. Unfortunately, we met him too late in his illness. However, it won’t have to be that way now.

“Mrs. Ekuraye is strong. We encouraged her to joined the Women’s Group who are being empowered with life skills instead of begging, and she did. Mrs. Ekuraye decided she wants to learn ways to support herself and her children. Right now we are teaching the group small simple ideas on how to overcome poverty.

“We are just getting started with Attir village. But their hope is starting to grow.”