Move Creates Challenges and Opportunities

Holy Land Garden


April through June has been a time of transition. The need to relocate has created big changes to the project. With the move, there has also been a change to the type of help that is being offered to those who are in need. The host country has had a lot of difficulties recently with the increase of displaced and homeless people. Trying to help those impacted by unforeseen events is a big part of the project’s new emphasis.  


In the absence of a produce garden, there has been more of an attempt to help with clothing and food vouchers. It has been wonderful to see the look on peoples’ faces as they realise things are being given and offered free of charge.  


There is also some new construction taking place where there is a hope of future gardening opportunities. More on that in the future as things develop. Funds for this would be greatly appreciated as the implementation of the hydroponics garden is waiting on funding.  $3,000 USD would go a long way in getting this project up and running.


Thank you!



GHNI Partner & Transformational Community Development (TCD) Worker