Moving Beyond Their Comfort Zone

Jatapara Village, India


November is when farmers are busy harvesting and threshing. As per our expectation, farmers got a great result from using hybrid rice seeds. In the village, the threshing process is usually done by beating the paddy plant onto a rock or paddle machine in order to separate seeds or grains from the straw. This takes too much time and labor. This time, one of my mechanic friends and I made an automated threshing machine by using a paddle threshing machine and motor used for lifting water. This requires less effort and time. This machine is now quite popular and people are coming to learn how to use it. I taught the technique of making this machine to the villagers. They are excited to use it.



Apart from this, there was a damaged transformer that remained useless during the last couple of months. No villagers visited the electric supply office to request that the officials repair it because of their culturally introverted nature. Our people don’t face challenges easily. So I taught them every step they need to go through in the electric supply office and encouraged and challenged them to do it by themselves. In the end, they not only requested the repair but also the help of an electrician to repair the transformer. When I asked them how they felt after doing all this by themselves, they said, “We don’t know what to do and where. If someone would tell us the steps, as you taught us, we will be able to handle things on our own.”


With such a small step, I am trying to bring them together to step out of their comfort zone and dare to face the world outside, by which they have been abused for decades.