Multi-Village Excitement for TCD

Paletwa Cluster, Myanmar


Our trip to Paletwa, Southern Chin State was fruitful. It was the first time for the training team to conduct Transformational Community Development (TCD) training there, so we were full of excitement and expected challenges. We were warmly welcomed and impressed by the villagers to see their motivation and commitment during and after the training. We started our training at 9:00 AM. One of our participants gave a short encouragement message.


The room was very crowded, and it was a surprise for us, and we had to figure out how to arrange the training in the most effective way with the crowd. It was somewhat of a headache for the first time. As we all know, a good group size for our training should be no more than thirty people. However, we had fifty-nine people in the room from twenty-nine villages, while we expected to have only thirty people from fifteen villages. This training was certainly one of the best trainings we had ever done. After the training, many of our participants made commitments to put TCD principles into practice in their villages.


On the last day of the training, we opened time for discussion about the follow-up and evaluation of the training. Most of them shared their feelings and gave good comments.  


Saya said, “This is such God’s plan for us to meet again. I was so disappointed to lose contact with GHNI a few years ago. But today we meet again. I strongly believe that the TCD program suits our communities to bring transformation. I heard the TCD program was successful in Rakhine Village, although it may have been difficult for TCD workers to bring transformation in that first village. For us, if TCD workers in the community will lead the program well, then it is very likely that the entire village will see their lives transformed because our leaders are already respected and influential in their respective villages, and we have seen the success of Rakhine Village. So, I would sincerely request GHNI keep in contact with us.”


One participant said, “Our group has attended many different trainings, but TCD training is very different from them and very exciting to me. It opens up my eyes widely every day, and also for the other participants. In the other trainings, we would get sleepy and we could not concentrate on what they were teaching. I came to notice all the obstacles we have in our community and how to find the right way to go toward development. I really would like to start the program in my nearby village.”


Another participant also added, “Some other NGO entered into our village and did some project. They made the water pipeline to access water into the village. During the project, a leader who managed the project fund was unfaithful and stole some money. Now he is waiting to be sentenced in the local court. I really support TCD concepts when it comes to development.”


Another leader said, “I am very encouraged to learn this new way of doing development. I believe we can easily make this program successful in my village because I am the leader and the villagers listen to me. Within a couple months, we can do the vision seminar, do a seed project, and set up a TCD committee.”


To sum up, these groups had agreed to report to us the progress they made after the training, starting in January 2019. Saya is working to connect the participants, gather information, and report to us. Therefore, it was such a blessed trip and fruitful training for us.


Thank you!