Multiplying Positive Change

Ezbit el Nakhl Village, Egypt

Children of Ezbit el Nakhl

Marina, a 14-year-old young lady, has been attending our weekly lessons for the past five years. She has learned lots of social development lessons. She has been sharing what she has learned with her classmates, her friends in the neighbourhood, and her siblings at home. She has also been teaching the other children in the organisation. Marina said that she loves teaching others and that her dream is to be a teacher. She added that she was learning and growing along with the other kids and thanked the organisation for allowing her to have courage and be bold in teaching the other kids.  

Azmy has been teaching 17 children lessons from a book about making right choices. This book presents many of stories and challenges each child to choose what’s right in his/her life. After finishing the study of the book, Azmy tested them to see what they have learnt.

Women of Ezbit el Nakhl

We presented a lesson about Acts of Mercy to the ladies, and unexpectedly, it affected them so much, there were more than 20 ladies showing acts of mercy to others, applying the lesson. One of the ladies said that she usually waits for others to submit acts of mercy towards her and her family first, and that she didn't feel ready to do good and be merciful to others, just yet. She was most affected to see the positives a person receives when offering acts of mercy to others. She felt so happy for even a small help. That pushed her to do something different by showing her mercy towards others.

One day, she was returning from the market, she found her old neighbour holding so many bags. She went to her and took hold of the bags for the old lady, even though she was holding her own heavy bags. She insisted on walking the old lady to her house and making sure she was safe. Although she was feeling tired and pain in her bones, she insisted on offering an act of mercy. She felt so happy and said that it was the lesson that influenced her, as she shared this with the other ladies in the organisation.  

GHNI National Field Leader