Mushroom Training is Full of Promise

Kharibari Village, India


We presented training on mushroom farming as part of our Income Generation Programme last month in the Damdim Cluster. The programme was attended by approximately 15 community leaders and their associates. We ran a follow up meeting in October to provide additional information about the needs of mushrooms once they start to grow. This was a new experience for most community leaders as they had never had such training before. 


The Dooars area has good demand for mushrooms and one can earn good income by farming them professionally. Leaders found this sort of farming both easy and convenient as it can be done in very small spaces and under a minimal budget. Community leaders are already planning to teach these techniques to their communities so that they can earn supplemental income for their families.


Being a festive season, in October we had no major activities in Khairbari except two meetings with the committee members. The members are of the opinion that they should run a clean toilet campaign after the festivities (Puja) are over. 


We had our annual staff meeting at Gangtok in October. We had a good time together and we learnt about the importance of planning.


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