Blog: Nepal

Slavery Prevention Lessons

*DG Village, Nepal


This month, we taught and raised awareness about slavery prevention in the community. Women’s groups willingly participated for the lesson and discussion. They said it is very important that every member, especially mothers and their children, be aware about it.


In our village, people are now more conscious about the importance of using the toilet. Some people are building their toilets. It’s a good thing that the government is also encouraging the villagers to build their own toilets.



Changing Lives of Children

*JT Village, Nepal



Taking Ownership of Development

*DG Village, Nepal


During this quarter, I've been following up by teaching lessons on health, hygiene, and disease prevention to the children’s and women’s groups. The community responded saying that Transformational Community Development (TCD) lessons are so simple but very necessary and powerful tools for community development.



Motivated to Learn

This past month, the women and children groups were more interested in learning about personal hygiene. Even to open places without shelter, they come ready to learn about new things. Their health status seemed to be improving when we met with them outside. They are also more obedient and helpful.


Helping Children from All Religious Backgrounds

When we added additional free tutoring classes for the schoolchildren, they improved in their studies. Now student numbers have increased up to around 30-40 students every day. These tutoring classes are not only open to certain schools but also for students from all religious backgrounds like Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, and Christian. Most children come from families whose parents work in the factory industry or are jobless and can't pay the teacher.


Turning from a Life of Struggle

This month, we focused on our work in the field. Farmers are encouraged and willing to do their best. We had group discussions, taught lessons on family planning, personal health, and hygiene and discussed creating better income by doing small business. We continued with house visits to encourage the farmers.


Lifting Her Economic Status

Martha Rai’s family was typical of those with very poor economic status, but now she does tomato farming. GHNI gave her agricultural training and support to start a farm. She is so curious to learn and benefit from our Transformational Community Development (TCD) lessons. Now Martha Rai’s increased income has helped with her family’s expenses and children’s education. Her family members are so happy.  Martha Rai is very thankful to our GHNI team for supporting her, and now she trains other villagers in her community.

Sushil B


Utilizing the Micro Loan Program

I have been following up with villagers by teaching lessons on health, hygiene, and disease prevention to the children and women’s group. I was greatly encouraged when the community told me that our Transformational Community Development (TCD) lessons are so powerful for their community development.

The first group that participated in the micro loan program has benefited much from the small fund that we supported. The first group paid back their loan and then it was loaned to the next group. More community people are interested in participating in the micro loan program.