Nepal Earthquake Becomes Catalyst for Long-Term Development

April 25th, 2015 was a day that many Nepali people will not forget. The earth shook…and shook and shook and they wondered, “Is this the end?”

For more than 8,000 people, it was. Those left to mourn lived in fear of another quake – and rightfully so. May 12th met their fears with a second major earthquake, adding to the mourning. Two major earthquakes scaling 7.8 and 7.3 magnitude on the Richter Scale respectively, have not only caused lost lives and injury but deepening the need of already desperate villagers in the rural areas surrounding Kathmandu.

In a moment of dire urgency, people from all walks of life responded with donations to help those more helpless than them selves. These donations funded locally sourced food, water, medical supplies, and tarps for the victims. Local Nepali GHNI staff, who also experienced the disaster, have been working tirelessly to secure and distribute the relief items. Our staff has visited multiple villages and has been the only organization providing relief in some.

Nepal Earthquake: GHNI Brings Help. from Global Hope Network Int'l on Vimeo.

Before the earthquake hit GHNI National Leader in Nepal, Kiran Karki, had been expressing the need to begin Transformational Community Development (TCD) in other areas of Nepal. The question was where and how? While devastating, the earthquakes have opened doors for TCD and revealed some donors who want to start funding it.

In a recent correspondence, Kiran expressed his gratitude for the opportunity this disaster is bringing to these villagers.

“This is so exciting to all the victims who are desperately traumatized by the massive earthquake and more than 600 aftershocks,” he proclaims. “People need relief and development both. We have little resource and had to sort out needy of the neediest but could reach and bless them. They were so very happy and blessed. Let’s see the possibility of those opportunities to move from relief to development with these people.”

Nepal Earthquake Relief - Link to photo album

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It just so happened that Mike Parks, GHNI Disaster Relief Director, had planned a Disaster Relief Team Training event in Hawaii for the third week of May. At the training, many attendees expressed a desire to go to Nepal to help with the relief effort. Plans are currently being discussed.

As families previously living in extreme poverty in the rural outskirts of Kathmandu pick up the pieces of their further shattered lives, hope surrounds them. Long before the quakes shook their villages, plans were being made to come alongside them. A Disaster Relief Team was being assembled. Donors were looking for a cause to lift up. And so begins a journey where people from across the globe fall in step with one-another to not only bring relief, but long-term hope.

Thank you for your donations, thoughts, and prayers for the Nepali people!