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Hope Reaches from Hawaii to Nepal

*JT Village, Nepal


A short-term team of key leaders and other team members from Hawaii visited Nepal from January 11-22, 2017. Our president, Hal Jones, and his wife Lana accompanied them.


When we reached *JT Village, people were waiting to welcome us with garlands, bands, and dance. A very warm welcome to our team! Everyone danced and enjoyed the moment very much.


Plans for the Year

An Inside Look at Slavery Prevention

Authored By: Kiran Karki, GHNI Nepal National Leader

Edited By: GHNI Staff, US


There is a big problem of human trafficking in Nepal. There are dozens of NGOs working in this sector to eliminate it, but the problem is increasing day by day.  It is reported that after the big 7.8 magnitude earthquake in 2015 the problem became the worst it’s ever been in the rural areas of Nepal.

Learning a Better Way

Ten Accomplishments for Villagers

*BT Village, Nepal

We started working in BT Village in February 2013. We have accomplished tremendous achievement in this area during these three years. The following are the major achievements:

Cottage Industry for Women

*BT Village, Nepal

Slavery Prevention

TCD Enhances School

*JT Village, Nepal

Last month I taught Transformational Community Development (TCD) lessons focusing on hygiene, diarrhea, and dysentery that have helped the children be careful about drinking water and their personal sanitation.                                      

Health Screening Comes to Their Door

*RT Village, Nepal

As in BT Village, people in RT Village were taught health lessons this month. Many people in RT Village took part in the health screening organized in BT Village. This month, lessons on personal hygiene were taught, as there were cases of waterborne diseases in RT Village.