Blog: Nepal

Convinced by Good Results

**Salmee is an uneducated woman residing in Dangraha Village. She has five children. When we started our Transformation Community Development (TCD) class, both her husband and she rejected it. I went to their house many times and followed up. When they observed the changing lifestyle of women in the TCD group, they realized that it is good. Salmee and her husband discussed it with each other and invited me to their house to let me know they want to join our TCD class and learn many things.

Conducive Learning Environment

GHNI-Nepal provides free tutoring classes for children who are academically weak and are from economically poor families. We are hoping to further enhance the children’s environment so that they can focus better while studying. The children are improving with their studies. We could easily see the correlation developed between their learning environment and their studies. The students respect and love their teachers. This has shown good progress. When we pay a visit, schoolchildren come around us and speak respectfully.

Khyana Changed Her Life

Small Loans, Big Impact

Thriving in Rainy Season

*DG Village, Nepal


This is the rainy season. Most of the villagers suffer from different kinds of diseases. The water source becomes polluted. Our Transformational Community Development (TCD) lessons are so helpful to them. We continued teaching about sanitation and disease prevention. Now they know that most of the people become sick because of dirty water.  


Maximizing Small Farms

5 Facts About Extreme Poverty in Nepal

Nepal is a beautiful country of vast, mountainous landscapes and people representing diverse ethnic cultures. But poverty, even to extreme levels, is widespread in Nepal. We hope that after learning more about poverty in Nepal, you would consider joining us in our mission to bring help and hope to the hidden and hurting there.

Preventing Disease at Home

*DG Village, Nepal

Many families have benefited from the recent focus on various health problems. After a discussion about the eye problem in the group, they concluded that they could help to control such diseases at home. They learned about types of worms and how they could be protected from them. Also, we discussed the importance of sanitation. This is very important for these communities. They are learning better. We go house to house and talk with them if they are busy in their work.

Working for a Good Return

*JT Village, Nepal

As the rainy season has started, most of the farmers are busy preparing their fields for the next crop. They are plowing the fields and spreading manure on them. Some of the farmers lost their crops because of heavy hailstone. They were discouraged about their great loss.

Belittled to Beloved

*JT Village, Nepal


The Goat Loan Program started by GHNI in JT Village is spreading to other members in the community. Out of them is **Kaneila’s family is a model family in their group. She was known as the poorest member in the community. Now she has some credit in the community. Other people do not treat them like before. These days, they are loved by the community.