Never Underestimate Water’s Importance

Holy Land Garden


There is an old idiom that says, “Experience is the best teacher.” That is certainly true when working in a different country and experiencing so many new climate-related factors for the first time. As we serve in the Holy Land Garden, it becomes so apparent that the time of learning through experience is not only necessary but valuable.  


We are now in the peak heat season. A few days ago, while construction was taking place on the campus, one of our water lines to some of the younger trees was severed. Instead of fixing the line, the contractors just tied them off and kept on working. It was two days later before it became apparent what had happened. Trees planted two or three years ago were showing severe effects of drought.  


This situation is a simple reminder of how critical water is during certain times of the year. Hopefully, we can revive the trees and come out of this unscathed. The problem is that when a young tree loses most of its foliage, it is an uphill climb to come back with such extreme temperatures.


Amid a hot, dry time of year, adding some life and greenery is a welcome sight. We have created planters out of old bicycles, which acts as a great example of using old “junk” to add character and beauty to the area. We hope that things will start to get a bit clearer with future direction and timing.


Thank you!


GHNI Partner & Transformational Community Development (TCD) Worker