New Buildings are Springing Up

After some period of inactivity, Transformational Community Development (TCD) has come alive again in Blamonga and Tanloanga. Progress is being made in the construction of Ventilation Improved Pit (VIP) latrines and the Literacy and Women’s Empowerment Center buildings in the two villages, respectively.  


Regional Field Leader Martins Atanda recently visited the villages and held meetings with Constantine, who leads the TCD team there. In the space of two weeks after the meeting, marked progress has been made. Buildings have started springing up. The pits for VIP latrines have been dug in both Blamonga and Tanloanga Villages, the walls of the two-room building to house the Literacy and Women’s Empowerment Center in Tanloanga is going up, while the foundation has been dug for the Blamonga Literacy and Women’s Empowerment Center building.


The springing up of these buildings is beyond mere buildings. They are telling a tale of development in Blamonga and Tanloanga!


GHNI National Field Leader