New Committee Formed

Kharibari, India


We are striving to bring together all the villagers and continued to work on this throughout the summer. I visited villages nearly six times, and two times the meeting had to be called off due to very low turnout. When I was able to meet with them personally and told them about the TCD plan, they all seemed to be in agreement, but stayed away from the community meeting.


As I had reported earlier, most of the men in the family were busy working outside and not interested in giving time for certain meetings. Only the women were interested in taking up the task. At the end of August, I again called a meeting to form a committee, and again the same thing happened.


The women were not willing to wait anymore for all the men to turn up, so they insisted that I form a committee with the present members. I decided to form a committee with those who are genuinely interested and started working. I believe if things get going, soon others will o follow.


During our gathering that day, one member of the local political party, named Masoom, came over to find out what this gathering was all about and how I was involved with the villagers. I explained to him our work in detail and that we have nothing to do with any political activity. He was satisfied and promised to offer every possible help from his side. Later on, I realized that I was being watched for several days due to my presence in the village. Bengal has a very distinctive political character, where political people are very much aware and obsessive about their political ideology and alignment. Any sort of threat to their political dominance has severe implications.


Meanwhile, I have formed a nine-member committee and their names are as follows: President—Dahru, Secretary—Muni, Treasurer—Gangi, and members—Rupesh, Raju, Bishnu, Pratima, Lalita, and Fulmuni.


After the formation, the committee decided to start a kitchen garden in the beginning of September. I expect it to be a small but great beginning.