New Direction for Roma/Gypsy People

Đorgovska Mahala Village, Serbia

Committed to serving her congregation for more than twenty years, Snezana is the pastor’s wife of the church near the village of Đorgovska Mahala. Her heart is for the extremely poor and marginalized whom she relates to daily. Well before GHNI offered to come alongside her, Snezana had been working among the poor in twenty villages in south Serbia.  


Snezana is eager to learn more about Transformational Community Development (TCD) and has been through Training of Teachers (TOT1). She appreciates how it can help the villages she works in become self-sustainable. It’s the beginning, yet her heart is already committed, and she is ready to see how TCD will build the future for so many in need in her sphere of influence.  


Clearly, Snezana is pivotal in how so many Roma/Gypsy Serbian people will experience new direction for their lives as she invests in them. Already, she is accepted among the villages she works in. She is not seen as one “here today and gone tomorrow,” but rather as one who is committed to being and sharing life among them.  


825,800 RSD (about $7,500) is needed immediately for 2016.  Please consider this need, either in incremental donations or special gifts, to help Snezana’s dream of helping the poorest of the poor and hidden among the Gypsy/Roma people she loves.  


GHNI Assistant Regional Field Leader