New Farming Techniques Catching On

Jatapara Village, India

In the month of November, the Transformational Community Development (TCD) work was in progress. Many of the farmers had applied the new trends of rice farming. They reaped increased production of rice after sowing the good variety of hybrid seeds. They had never harvested that much before using traditional rice seeds. The farmers who had sown hybrid seeds were really happy seeing their production, and those who didn’t are planning to sow it in the next season.

The farmers who are farming fish are also excited. Many of the farmers didn’t know how to catch fish, even if they had their own pond. They used to call the catching experts “Kewat.” Their job was to catch fish, and in return, they would take a good amount of fish. When they saw me catching fish by myself, it drew their attention to do the same. One of the farmers is named Hopna. He asked me if I had ever been a professional fish farmer. I told him that it’s not necessary to be a professional to catch fish. Then I taught him how easy catching fish can be. Very soon, he was able to catch fish by himself and start selling them in the weekly market. Now he is making a good profit. Other fish farmers are very excited to see this change in him and have started following him.

Besides these, we had a meeting with the villagers and our regional leader regarding the goat farming project. We planned the quantity and date when goats will be given to them. This would be around mid-January, because it is quite risky to keep small calves in the winter.