New Flowers and Courses to Come!

Garden of Peace & Hope, Afghanistan


Again, this spring has showered the Garden with lots of rain. All the flowers are blooming beautifully! The past winter was the coldest yet in Kabul. Our “leap day” exhibition was enjoyed by so many, yet we have not been able to hold exhibitions since then, due to the security situation. 


We are considering the long-term plans for the Garden to possibly include some different flowers. Our gardener has protected the flowers well, with the exception of some that dried up due to lack of space in the greenhouse.  He is coordinating with another gardener who has a great garden in Parwan Province who is willing to give us some flowers. We look forward to having some new flowers!  First, we want to consult with Donald, the designer and creator of the Garden of Peace and Hope. 


We are eager for the gallery staff to relocate as soon as possible.  Space is needed in order to start our Educational Program (art courses). Lots of students have been asking for these and we are looking forward to offering the program. Unfortunately, the coronavirus has stopped our work in the Garden and we are not allowed to have an exhibition. We pray and hope everything gets back to normal soon! 


Thank you!



GHNI Director of the Garden of Peace & Hope

*For purposes of safety and wellbeing, “Karem” is a pseudonym for the individual involved in this project.