New Hope for Widowed Mother of Two

Harowayo Village, Ethiopia


Chicho is a 23 year old widow who has 2 children. Her husband died three years ago in an accident. Before Chicho joined the Agriculture Group, life was difficult as she had a problem supporting her children. After joining the group, she has worked hard from the very first day. Besides the group farm, she has her own farm at her compound. Now she is making very good money to support herself and her children. Two months ago, Chicho made 18,000 birr in income from both farms in only one harvest. In seven months, she is planning to send both of her children to school.


TCD Update


Water – Water is one key thing to sustain human life. For the last three years, the Harowayo community has worked hard to get clean water, unlike what they were using in previous days. Now the villagers, through using various purifying mechanisms, have clean water for drinking and cooking!

Food – The Agricultural Group is working hard to change the previous situation. All the villagers were engaged in keeping animals. Now many of them understand the need  to diversify their lifestyles because, when the drought occurred, they were losing their animals and they were facing hardships.


Income Generation – On the income generation side, now 60 women are engaged in the Goat Loan Programme and small trading. All these women were very poor and had virtually nothing. Now these women have anywhere from 7 to 18 goats!  This is great progress for these women, delivering them from poverty!


Education – The Education Committee in Harowayo is  working hard to convince the community to send the children to school, but recently there was conflict between the Somali and Borena Oromo. Due to this conflict, many fathers wanted to protect their land and animals, so they gave their children the responsibility of watching animals rather than going to school. Sadly, this has increased the “drop out” rate.


Wellness – The Wellness Committee has taught the community different prevention methods to protect them from transmitted diseases. Over the last quarter, 13 women have been trained on how to keep their kitchens and kitchen materials clean.


Thank You!



GHNI National Field Leader