New Life Direction

Sindh Province, Pakistan


Computer Center


Through computer technology, we are equipping the youth for their better future. Many students have already completed the training. Some are working at their job, and some have their own coaching centers.


*Sara is part of our computer academy and nearly finished with the course. She is about to graduate and has a passion to help the community. Sara joined our computer academy four months ago. Upon finishing her exams, Sara said, “Many times, I heard about this academy. When I joined this academy, I found myself in a place to learn in a very peaceful atmosphere. I learned two things from here, computer technology and to have a real burden for my community. Those visiting our community want to make a difference. Now, I am also part of this team to uplift my community. My life’s direction has changed.”


Sewing Center


Women are being empowered and many more will be empowered in future. We are developing women to in turn develop others. Many women are already helping and uplifting their families after learning how to stitch.  


After recently starting the embroidery classes at our sewing center, we are receiving more students. This is one of the most favorite and expensive courses.


*Noor visits the sewing center and she is taking classes for embroidery craft. Now already trained and making crafts, Noor shared, “It is such a nice atmosphere to learn and practice the things which we can just imagine. I have been here for the last three months and I learned many things in just three months. One of the most valuable things I learned from here is to value and help others. Now I am sewing dresses and I also want to help others.”




Agriculture constitutes the largest sector of our economy. A majority of the population, directly or indirectly, is dependent on this sector. We are uplifting the community by helping to provide the farming project at OM Land. We are also planning to start the fish farming project at OM Land; this will also provide the resources for many people.


After lots of effort and hoping, farmers were able to get water and sow fodder and mustard. They are hoping to get a good result for their hard work. The crop is already growing well, and they already plan to add fertilizer.


Thank you!


Partner TCD Worker

*For the purpose of safety and well-being, “Noor” and “Sara” are pseudonyms for individuals being helped by this project.