New School in Rural Afghanistan Rises Slowly but Surely

In Afghanistan, as pretty much everywhere else in the world, construction projects don’t always adhere to an anticipated schedule. And one very important project for Sheldon Village* is the creation of its own school.

Imagine walking four hours per day just to attend classes! That’s been the reality for Sheldon’s children for a long time. Not only does such a journey take precious time from their home chores and studies, but their single classroom in another village is “cold and dark.” And then there’s the matter of Sheldon’s location, in a remote and “semi-inaccessible” part of the country.

But in the spring of 2013, a Transformational Community Development trainer met with the Ministry of Education to discuss plans and visit a proposed building site with a Ministry engineer. A radio announcement seeking a construction crew for the job was broadcast.

The timeline for Sheldon Village’s eight-classroom new school? Six months.

Villagers faced challenges from the start, including disputes with the construction company hired for the job, then the approach of winter. Time ran short and heavy snowfall put a halt to operations until the Ministry of Education gave laborers permission to continue. The deadline of November 30 came and went.

Even after the roof was placed and blackboards were put in, the school still lacked electricity, chairs and desks. Yet day after day, children, teachers and parents looked forward to the realization of their dream, happily watching walls go up and wooden windows and doors (shipped from Kabul) go in. Kids played football and volleyball in front of the slowly growing building.

Spring came again, then summer. Twice! And still the school is not quite complete, but thanks to hard work, persistence of villagers, and the generous help of donors like you, it is our hope that the children of Sheldon Village will no longer have to make such a tedious journey to learn, but will sit in their brand-new classrooms this year.

Thank you for helping us to be an instrument of this exciting change in Afghanistan!

With uncertain security in Afghanistan over recent months, having a school nearby will be a vital change for this community.

Will you join us as we work to ensure all children in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East have a safe place to learn?

* For purposes of security and well-being, “Sheldon Village” is a pseudonym of the village being helped by this project.