New Shoes for Less

Ezbit el Nakhl Village, Egypt


Women of Ezbit el Nakhl     


Om Amir came to the fair with her four children to buy them new shoes for the feast, but she left with nothing. So, I asked her why she didn't buy anything. She said everything was very expensive. The following week I found her buying from the fair, so I was surprised. She said that she went to other stores outside and found everything more expensive, and that we have things for less compared to those stores. She was very grateful and asked us to do this again to help poor people like them.


In the past three months, we discussed boundaries, doubt, happiness and its sources, laziness and its consequences, and depression. We helped them plan for sending their children back to school.  We talked about soul healing, memory and forgetting, and self control. We also held a clothes and shoe fair.


In the next three months, we had a Christmas celebration and taught communication skills. We talked about boundaries in the marital relationship.  Different topics discussed included: adaptation, acclimatisation, making decisions, addiction, communication between couples, working women, bone pain, and psychological needs. We taught crafts and had a medical/optical convoy.


Children of Ezbit el Nakhl


Nancy stood up and said that she was beautiful, but she hadn't been taking good care of her appearance and rarely combed her hair. She learnt in the lesson that she is beautiful, so she should keep herself clean and healthy all the time. Also, she should pay attention to her attitude and how she talks. Now she takes care of herself, keeps herself clean, and respects other people.


During the past three months, we focussed on social, emotional, morals, and wellness. In the social aspect, we taught a lesson about appearance and opened a temporary store with school supplies like bags, pens and shoes to sell for half the original price to help families keep their children in school. In the emotional aspect, we addressed the main needs of children with a lesson titled “I'm a Hero – Toxic and Hurtful Words”.  We also encouraged play through drawing, colouring and music. In the moral aspect, we talked about conversational etiquette, children's rights, and a lesson titled “I Love Everyone.” In the health aspect, we taught about headaches affecting children and a balanced diet. We also started training six middle school girls how to sew and fix clothes to prepare them for work in the future.


For the coming three months, we plan to address medical, emotional, moral, and social matters. Regarding medical matters, we will teach on caring for our teeth, leukemia in children, and guarding against colds. Regarding emotional matters, we will learn about failure and success and celebrate the New Year with games, cartoon movies, drawing, and colouring. Regarding moral matters, we will address cheating versus honesty. Finally, in social matters, we will open a clothes and shoe store before the celebratory feast and teach about peace. 


Thank you!



GHNI National Field Leader