New Skills Celebrated

Sendana Village, Indonesia

Cosmetology Income-Generation Program

After three months of learning haircutting skills, Ibu  Budes (“Ibu” is the title of respect for older and/or married women), with her two classmates, is now ready for the next step. Ibu Budes enjoyed learning the different ways to cut hair, depending on whether the customer is a woman, man, or a child. The GHNI trainer also taught the women how to apply makeup for special events. Ibu Budes has been diligent in practicing makeup application on women before a wedding ceremony.

Haircutting and makeup application are the two main skills required to open a salon, which is Ibu Budes’ next goal. She is now excited with the idea of learning about micro-business and looks forward to the income that will come from her new skills.

During the second anniversary ceremony of the Sendana Transformational Community Development (TCD) Cocoa Project, Ibu Budes had the opportunity to share her experience with the project in front of the whole village. She welcomed other women interested in cutting hair and learning how to apply makeup to come to her house and learn from her. It is not difficult to find her house, as Ibu Budes is the wife of Pak Desa, the head of the village.

The TCD Cocoa Project

Approximately 100 people came to celebrate the second anniversary of the Sendana TCD Cocoa Project. The theme of the celebration was “The Resurrection of Cocoa in Sendana.” It was highly encouraging for the nine key farmers to see so many people from their community in attendance and interested to hear their stories and experiences from the past two years. Pak A was the emcee for the night, while Pak Al shared about the program on behalf of the group. The other key farmers were busy getting the room ready for the celebration, delivering and distributing the food cooked by the women from the village, and welcoming the guests.

Each of the farmers had the opportunity to talk about cocoa and show their field to the village through a slideshow and video interviews that had been made in each of the cocoa fields. The whole village seemed moved to see trees full of young cocoa pods almost ready for harvesting, when only two years ago most of the villagers doubted that cocoa could still grow here.

In their interview, Pak Kai challenged the farmers, "If now we don’t take care of our cocoa pods, the mice will!," implying that the fruit would be eaten.

Pak A also said, "If anybody wants to learn about cocoa, just come to my house, or to my field, and I will teach you everything I have learned so far."


GHNI Project Manager, Indonesia