New Tables & Desks for Tutoring Class

UV Village, Sri Lanka


The tables and benches were unloaded half an hour before the tutoring class began. The children were all smiles when they saw the items unloaded because they knew they were for them.


Last month, when we spoke to the children, they said inside the house was too hot, congested, difficult to move about, and the noise distracts them from study. Now they say it is good because it’s held in the verandah, easily accessible to the teacher, and they can hear what the teacher says. The lower class kids said that this location is comfortable and airy.


The higher class children still use the chairs and tables that belong to the owners. The owners wanted to know if we can purchase tables and benches for the higher class children and release their furniture now in use. We agreed to their request and asked them to give us a couple of weeks. We already asked the Education Committee to give us the cost of making three sets of tables and desks as soon as possible.


GHNI National Field Leader

*For purposes of security, “UV Village” is a pseudonym for the village being helped.