New Teacher in Town’s a Doctor!

House of Ruth, Jordan

Meet Dr. Niveen, a young, beautiful lady from Iraq. Dr. Niveen will be helping in the house of Ruth until the doors open for her and her family to leave Jordan and go somewhere chosen by the UN. She is a wonderful addition to the House of Ruth, especially since Dr. Bashar and Maria have both left.

Dr. Niveen comes from Qaraqosh, Mosul. She has newly graduated after studying medicine for six years in Mosul Medical College. Dr. Niveen was living with her family until a violent group came and took over their town. She left with her family on August 6, 2014 and went to Irbil, where they stayed for three months until November 14, 2014. They applied to the UN, hoping to be settled in somewhere soon.

They have been living in Jordan for 17 months, during which time we met them and offered to help by inviting her to be involved with the House of Ruth. She started to help Lina in the English classes, as well as helping in the clinic.

Most of the students in the English class are good students, doing their homework, participating, and preparing for the next class. There are some students who still don’t know how to read and are unable to learn at the same pace of the others. But no worry, they will get there eventually. In regard to the students in the computer class, their progress is slower compared with the English students. These students know nothing about a computer. However, there is one student named Omar who is really smart and good in this subject.

GHNI Assistant Regional Field Leader