New Tech Confidence

Jharkhand Computer Institute, India

Two of our graduates would like to express their appreciation:

From Ashish:

“My name is Ashish. I am from village Karharbil, Dumka in Jharkhand, India. I didn’t know anything about computers. I used to see people working on it. One day, I decided to learn the computer. I searched many of the computer institutes which were offering computer classes. Then I came to know about Jharkhand Computer Center. I saw they are offering good quality computer classes with the cheapest fees, so I took admission in this institute.

“I was afraid to operate the machine at first. But after some days, I started enjoying to learn and operate the computer machine. In this way I completed my one year course. Now I am very much confident that I can do everything in the computer which I used to see others doing. Now I am proud of myself. I am very thankful for this institute and GHNI who provided this facility in my village. Thank you.”

From Sanjeev:

“My name is Sanjeev. I belong to Gidhni Pahari Village, which is nearby Dumka City. I had a desire to learn computer since I was in class six. I joined many computer classes, but I could not learn the computer properly. In the institute where I was learning, five people used to sit together in one computer for practical work. I confess that I am a bit weak on learning. I need to have the attention of the teacher. In this way, I could not even learn how to operate the computer.

“I was looking for the better computer institute where I could really learn to operate and function on the computer. I came to know about Advanced Business and Leadership Academy through my friend. I joined this institute after seeing their teaching method, hoping whether they could teach me or not.

“I took admission on the Crash Course of one month. I found the teaching was pretty good to me, and I was able to learn easily, as they teach objective based. So after I completed my Crash Course, I took admission for one year diploma course, also. I am very thankful for this institute and GHNI, who provide this facility in my village.”

Many other graduates like Ashish and Sanjeev have had this same opportunity and success in their new skill of using computers. Thank you for partnering with us to help them on their way to new opportunities!

Manager, Jharkhand Computer Institute, India