New Women’s Empowerment Centre Opens

Women’s Empowerment Centres EAST, Afghanistan


A new Women’s Empowerment Centre (2WEC) was founded recently in east Afghanistan. It’s in a place where mostly Ismailie families live. We planned to bring help and hope to this remote village. First, we started with health and sustainability lessons of Transformational Community Development (TCD). About 45 women attended the hygiene, handicraft, and TCD lessons. 


The hygiene lessons involve teaching practices such as brushing their teeth and the importance of washing their hands with soap after using the toilet. We distributed a bar of soap and a toothbrush to each woman, along with stationery, notebooks, and pens. To teach the importance of good nutrition, we also distributed various fruits.


Meanwhile, 32 other girls are involved in the language class. They come to learn English after school. We also distributed notebooks and pens to the girls in 2WEC in this class along with their primary English lesson books.


We planned to buy carpet, a heater, and wood for fuel for the centre, as winter will be here soon.


TCD Update

  • Income Generation -  Forty-five women learned embroidery and handicrafts to generate income and improve their family finances.
  • Education -  Thirty-two girls are coming to learn primary English at 2WEC in Iraq village Shiber District, and 45 women are learning lessons on Hygiene and Birth Live Saving Skills (BLiSS). 


Thank you!



*For purposes of safety and wellbeing, “Martin” is a pseudonym for the individual involved in this project.