No Longer Voiceless

*DG Village, Nepal


**Rabri from DG Village is an active member of our Transformational Community Development (TCD) group. She is 35 years old now. With her husband and daughter, they are a family of three.


Rabi explains her previous days this way, “When I got married, my life did not get better because of family problems and social crises. When my daughter **Saba came in my womb, I suffered much because we had no help at my home. I had to go to the bamboo forest to use the toilet in the early morning. It was really dangerous and uncomfortable for me at night time. I couldn’t talk about this to others because of my social problem. I was completely voiceless.


“I remember those days when life was so difficult, but our life was changed by TCD with GHNI support of the toilet program. Now our family uses the toilet every day and keeps it clean. Now our neighbors also come to use toilet. I learned to keep my kitchen neat and clean because of TCD lessons, which is really helpful to my family. My daughter Saba is studying in grade 10. She is helpful to others, as well as humble.”


When I first visited them, they didn’t have any income source or a good house. When we taught them health and income-generation ideas, Rabri applied the lessons slowly and, as a result, they became a model family to other villagers in the community. Her smile and happiness on her face encourages me and gives me strength to continue work with them.


We are experiencing good synergy with a local school. When children come to our community center, we recommend they join this local school and connect with schoolteachers. This has opened a way to work in the village. We also shared the TCD approach to the schoolteachers. The teachers liked this approach. Students are attending class regularly and numbers are increasing. They shared that the credit goes to GHNI.  


We also taught them about sanitation and keeping their body clean. We taught washing hands, brushing teeth, washing hair, cleaning nails, etc. We have also taught about safe drinking water and how to be safe from catching colds.


Shreeph & Sunita

*For purposes of security, “DG Village” is a pseudonym for the village being helped by this project.
** For purposes of wellbeing and security, “Rabri” and “Saba” are pseudonyms for individuals involved with this project.