Not Far from Home

Solar cookers have become a good investment for the people living in the district where we are working. They had so much difficulty in boiling water and cooking food and were used to going far away to the mountains to pick up bushes and wood for fuel.

It is very difficult for these people to buy wood, gas, and coal, because they are poor. Solar cookers make life easier for the women who use them daily for making bread, boiling water for tea, and cooking meals.

You’ve heard of the old woman who lived in a shoe? Hatija is the modern-day equivalent. Hatija is 36 years old, has three children, and lives in a historical cave in Bamyan—an actual cave. Her family is poor. I will let Khan, our Afghanistan field director, pick up the story:

“For many years Hatija was going to the mountain, walking two to three hours a day to pick up bushes to burn for cooking. Her husband had no money to buy coal or wood, and they passed their lives in hardship. Bringing bushes was Hatija's job. Every day she was bringing bushes from long distances on her head to cook food for her family. Sometimes she slid on steep mountains, breaking her arms and wounding her body.

“Thankfully, they were able to purchase a solar cooker from GHNI and install it front of their shelter [home]. Now Hatija doesn't go to the mountains often to root up bushes. When the sun rises, Hatija fills her teapot with water, and makes tea for their breakfast. About two to three hours later, she prepares to cook food for their lunch.

“Hatija cooks food for her dinner in the afternoon. After this, she will boil water and pour it into a thermos for tea later.”

Thank you for partnering with GHNI’s effort to spread solar cookers among these desperate families! Moms like Hatija and their children are safer because they no longer have to travel far for fuel resources.

-GHNI-Afghanistan Team