Not Giving Up

Shambani Village, Kenya

For many years, Shambani Village farmers had put in tireless labor, but nothing came out of it. It discouraged so many of them and the community felt wasted.

Since GHNI fights despair from every angle, we provided the community with more seedlings to plant, but the community felt like they were about to waste more time and labor. We encouraged them to engage without giving up, so they did.

To everyone’s total surprise, the rains poured down abundantly. In the end, they harvested a huge crop of beans and also had an abundance of corn.

The community thanked us for being there for them and for encouraging them that life is about tireless efforts without giving up, gathering strength together, getting up after every fall, and not staying down.

From their most recent harvest, every farming group member walked home with about 110 lbs. of beans!