Not Too Old to Learn

Mudiyambo Village, Ethiopia

Oditu is a widow who is excited about the future. She is 58 years old and she has 8 children--all are married. Oditu has lived alone for the last ten years. Although she is considered old in her community, she is a very hard worker. She always says she will not give up and she still considers herself strong. We have seen this reality.

Oditu had not been directly engaged with our Transformational Community Development (TCD) groups, but her friends who attended have been working hard to change their lives. When she saw her neighbours changed lives, she started asking questions. Oditu wanted to work the same way on her compound, so her neighbours helped her by teaching her what they learned from the TCD training.

After Oditu got some basic knowledge, she started her own farm in her back yard and planted different vegetables. She made 800 birr (around 36€) from her first harvest. Now she is very encouraged. Some of the villagers are helping her by digging (preparing the soil) in her back yard and giving her seed.  Excited by the first fruits of her labour, Oditu is expecting more than the amount she grew from her previous harvest.


GHNI TCD Worker, Ethiopia