Not Waiting for Spring Thaw

Dr K is a valued part of our GHNI team in Turkey with a huge heart to use his skills as a doctor to help his fellow Turkish people. Even more, he goes to great lengths to make sure they receive the help they need despite the winds of change in the nation’s temporal and political climate.

O-Town, Turkey

“Activities in the high mountainous regions of Turkey usually slow down to an almost complete stop during winter, but not this year. There has been a flurry of activity. In the old days (let’s say a decade or two ago), the region would be cut off from the outside world and no one could travel in or out. At least most people would forgo the arduous journey and wait until Spring Thaw. But Dr K is not most people. During this past quarter, Dr K made two trips to the region, and this weekend our intrepid traveller is making his third trip this year.

“With the change in weather, there has also been a wind of change. Life throughout Turkey has been characterized by protest, uncertainty, and confusion with the recent round of local elections. Dr K’s hometown is no different. With the election over, the former mayor (one Person of Peace who did not prevent our work from going on) lost his re-election bid by a couple of dozen votes. Thankfully, Dr K knows the new mayor and part of the objectives of his trip this weekend is to guarantee future favour for our work with the neediest people of the region.

“Another change that is blowing is that Dr K will be focusing more on preventive medicine, as well as meeting the immediate needs of sick patients. Typically, the people Dr K helps are people who can’t afford their medicines. Partially through your support, he provides these live-saving drugs. In addition to this, Dr K is developing a plan to focus on the causes and cures for some of the most prevalent maladies of the region, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, stomach alignments, and obesity, which leads to heart disease, stokes, and a number of other problems. Looking at the list of common health problems, as I’ve always said, people are much alike no matter where they are.”