Nurturing Talent Where No One Else Did

Ezbit el Nakhl Village, Egypt

Introducing sweet Doaa, an 11-year-old girl growing up in Ezbit el Nakhl. She regularly attends our weekly lessons in EL Zorab, where we discovered her talent for drawing and artwork. She lives in a simple society that doesn't value girls or their talents. Also, this community distinguishes between boys and girls.

No one cared about Doaa's talent or encouraged her to develop it. At last, almost a year ago, she came to our institution and attended our classes. Since that time, we nurtured her talent and encouraged her to share it. From what she learned and our encouragement, Doaa felt special. She realized that she is valued so much, especially after attending our lessons.

She has learned with other children about love, how to love all people, and that we are precious. She learned how to live in peace and overcome evil with good. She learned to be thankful every morning, and how to stay away from negative influences. As a strong influence among her parents and sisters, she shared what she learned with her family.

The most wonderful thing was that she told her parents and relatives to come to our institution and attend our classes. She is full of joy as she is appreciated and encouraged for her talent.

GHNI National Field Leader