October 11 is International Day of Girls

Global Hope Network's mission to bring help and hope to the hidden and hurting. In many places around the world, the hidden and hurting are women and girls. It is common to see vast disparities in men and women's access to resources and sources of income, which can make it even more difficult for women to get out of poverty.


But there is hope: Poverty cycles can be broken when we educate, equip, and empower girls from a young age. There is no doubt that girls who are educated are much more likely to grow up to earn a sustainable income, keep their families healthy, and feel a sense of personal value and dignity; and much less likely to get married before they turn 18, or die from a preventable disease.


When GHNI enters a village for the first time, we often reach the women first. That's because they are influential in their families and communities, and they deeply value social connection. They're the perfect candidates for Transformational Community Development (TCD).


GHNI uplifts girls and women by making them a priority at TCD projects like these:

Isiolo Empowerment Center

In the village of Isiolo, many of the desperate young women were going to Isiolo town to earn income in the sex industry. With this in mind, GHNI gathered a group of them to teach them a skill that would enable them to earn a dignified income: sewing. Through an outlet shop, the women will be able to sell their products so that the center is self-sustaining.


Nayak Women's Center

The Nayak Women's Center is filled with women ready to change and uplift hope in their local community and families. This project has a significant impact on the women of this rural village area, and by extension their families and the overall community. This project seeks to teach holistic wellness, as well as nutrition and empowerment to each woman involved.


House of Ruth

Through the creation of this community center, women receive training in handicrafts and small-business development for income generation, computer and English education to promote youth literacy, and more.