From One Daily Meal to Three

Ola Nagele Village, Kenya

You wake up, pour a cup of coffee, drink quickly, then hurry to get showered and dressed for your busy day ahead. You fix breakfast for your family or maybe you run out the door for a breakfast appointment with a friend, client, or colleague. Lunch fits in somewhere in the middle of the day, then you arrive home in the evening for dinner with your family or you hit your favorite restaurant with a few friends. Three meals, and possibly a snack or two provide your energy for the day.

870 million of the 7.1 billion people in the world (that’s about 1 out of 8 people) suffer from chronic undernourishment. Does this mean we feel guilty for our blessing? No, we are grateful for such provision. But, we can use our awareness to help families like Mama Shuba in Ola Nagele Village. Together, Habiba and Wubshet, GHNI leaders in Kenya, tell us her story:

“Mama Shuba is 72 years of age; she is married, and a mother of six children--one boy and five girls. She has resided in Ola Nagele for the last ten years.

“The life of Mama Shuba was really so touching. They had no help or hope in their life. They were very desperate and poor, living from hand to mouth. There was no lunch or supper, they survived only on one meal per day. The only breadwinner for the family was her daughter who went around cleaning peoples clothes to earn something small at the end of the day."

Mama Shuba became involved with Transformational Community Development (TCD) and her life soon changed. Hers wasn’t the only family in Ola Nagele who was suffering from malnutrition. Along with lessons on topics like nutrition, agriculture, and business skills, Mama Shuba and several other families became empowered to be the change they needed for their family. With a just little help from GHNI, Mama Shuba now has a small shop where she sells fruits, vegetables and the like.

“Today, Mama Shuba is the breadwinner for her family, and they all have enough food to eat,” shares Wubshet and Habiba with pride over her hard work.

Provide opportunities for other villagers like Mama Shuba give their families’ 3 meals a day!