One Girl’s Obstacles to Education

*U Village, Sri Lanka

“My name Rajalingam. I was backward in English and math. I constantly worried my parents that I needed to go to a tutoring class. They said yes, they would send me; however, since the tutoring class needed an advance payment, my parents had to put aside money from their monthly earnings. When the money was collected for the advance payment, someone in the family fell ill, and the money collected was used for paying for the medicines purchased from the pharmacy. This happened on three or four occasions, so I began hoping to find a way.

“My hopes were answered when a friend of mine at school informed me that these classes are now done in the village, free of charge. I thought she was fooling me and I needed to find out for myself. After school, I went in search of this place. The master greeted me, and I asked him if I can join the tutoring class. He was so kind and said yes. All the unhappiness that was inside me vanished. I started to follow classes the same day. My position in school has improved. I can now understand English, but I speak with difficulties in the pronunciation.”

(However, she pronounced GHNI correctly, thanking all those who have thought about her poor village.)


GHNI National Field Leader, Sri Lanka

*For purposes of security and well-being, “U Village” is a pseudonym of the village being helped by this project.