One Self-Sustaining Project at a Time

Hoja Bulbulok & Yagnob Villages, Tajikistan


This month was very good and fruitful. In Karim Ismoil Village in Vakhdat, we began a school project with the villagers. We started building four classrooms from the villagers’ money, and we supported them with $400 for cement. We had built walls and prepared the roof, but we didn’t have enough money to proceed, so we collected $7,000 from villagers. The work continues with the help of one man of peace in Vakhdat and he helps us a lot. He also understands the goals and vision of GHNI through Transformational Community Development (TCD).


I also explored a new village in the south area in Kangurt Village. I visited there with my mother Marina because she knows the people. Maybe in future, we can work there and give villagers help and hope.


In the south, our TCD Worker Latif has severe health problems. He suffers from allergies. Also, the principal of the school he works in needs immediate financial help. We collected funds for the kindergarten, but they also need help from us. Latif and I can’t make any promises to the principal or the village, although, the principal and Latif want to make this project happen. 


In Mururtak, Komron is doing excellent work. We made pilav for the villagers and we offered TCD training for those who are interested.


I visited Hamadoni Village twice this month. Muso was in the hospital with his father, as his Father had an operation. Now his Father is in a terrible situation as his heart became weak after his operation. 


Bobomurod in Dolon has taken sheep to the north area for an economically self-sustainable project. Hopefully in the fall, we will buy one koshkor (ram) for our sheep; and in spring, possibly ten more lambs will be born. 


Thank you!



GHNI Partner Volunteer